Lockdown Photo Competition

And the winners are .... 


1. Jef Héliot – J.Heliot03 (small girl with Mickey Mouse)

2. Colin Jones – Shopping in times of Corona 2

3. Highly commended: Rénald Raymond – Sinbad en vol

4. Highly commended: Barry Grindrod – Barry.Grindrod01 (moon through branches)

Many thanks to all those VEEQ members who entered the Lockdown Photo Competition. While just a few of the entries addressed the lockdown issue directly, all were taken during this bizarre period when time was available to do things that might not otherwise have been done, and reflect time

well spent.

In particular we enjoyed the narrative behind Tricia Geary’s wild honey and Joan Temple’s garden repair after the storm; gardening is clearly important for maintaing physical and mental well-being. Colin Jones’ vegetable still life was striking for the contrast of colours against the black background, and we enjoyed the humour in Jacky Malotaux’ drying shirts and Joan Temple’s abandoned cars. With many people watching films during lockdown, Clare Brigstocke’s warning image reminded us of the times we live in. Astrid Brandt’s bird’s nest and Theresa Grindrod’s nautical chopping board were wonderfully calm.

Rénald Raymond’s striking image of a magnificent vintage model glider in silhouette against the sky is highly commended.


Barry Grindrod’s night time image of the moon through the branches of a dead tree is highly commended.


In second place with his imaginative use of colour and black & white is Colin Jones’ highly topical image of people shopping in a supermarket.


Finally, in a well deserved first place with his beautifully composed and captivating image of a little girl with Mickey Mouse during lockdown is our winner, Jef Héliot.


So bravo to Jef Héliot and Colin Jones, who get a bottle of Champagne each!


Congratulations also to Barry Grindrod and Rénald Raymond, plus of course all the other contestants who took part in this lockdown competition. As things stand at the moment, let’s hope we don’t get another full-scale lockdown – we may be forced to have another competition!

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