The VEEQ walking groups have just changed! Sarah Bellis Jones no longer organises the two hour walks on a regular basis – although VEEQ is going to try and organise FOUR LONG WALKS each year which, importantly, will coincide with lunch in restaurants in the Lauzerte area. They will probably take place in MARCH, MAY, SEPTEMBER AND NOVEMBER each year.

If you want more information, contact Ros Collister at or Tricia Geary who will continue to run the short walks group. (see below). 


The VEEQ walking group has now devided into two sections!.  One group – 

The AMBLERS -  is aimed at walkers who like to stretch themselves a bit, and these walks take around TWO HOURS.  The Amblers walks are organised by Sarah Maxwell and generally take place on the last Wednesday of each month – weather permitting!  Most walks are circular and are an easy driving distance from Lauzerte.

We have tried hard to find interesting walks that include many different elements of the fantastic landscape around us, and maps and written notes are provided to guide walkers on the trail - although Sarah is always there to lead the way, of course!

If you would like to join the Amblers, please contact Tricia :


The second VEEQ walking groups is called the SHORT WALKS GROUP and is aimed at walkers who prefer to ramble at a  more leisurely pace.  These walks take about ONE HOUR and start from points close to 

Lauzerte. If  you would like to  join the Short Walks Group, please contact Tricia Geary on

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