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Welcome to the website of Vivre Ensemble en Quercy [VEEQ]. We're delighted that you've found us! Use this site to discover more about our association and our members.


VEEQ is an association which welcomes residents of all nationalities. Our objective is to help people meet one another, share their different cultures and participate actively in the local community. In particular we welcome all newcomers to the region.


We meet regularly in Lauzerte to take part in exciting activities and enjoy each other's company. We were founded in 2008 to provide a place for people of all cultures to meet and learn new skills. Our association is made up of people of all ages from surrounding communities, who would like to make new friends, meet old ones or simply want to spend time together at one of our meetings or events.

Activities & Interest Group

On the left are links to our activities pages, providing more information about the VEEQ groups.  However, remember that to partake in any or all of the activities and interest groups offered by VEEQ you must be a member of the association. Your membership card will need to be shown to the group leader the first time you attend and also after renewal of your membership.


Additionally, if you wish to partake in the groups that involve physical exercise you will need to sign your membership application stating you are physically fit to take part. 


Join VEEQ by completing the Membership Application Form.


We are always looking to start new groups.  If any members are interested in starting and leading any groups then please contact us at

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